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Monday, 7 July 2014

Only D Brave - Onsen and Ice sculptures

Only D Brave presents 7th day of the 500 30@30 challenge! 

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Can you believe it? It has been a week already!   Well I'm sure you can believe it but I can’t! It has gone by so quickly.  So for Day 7 of this challenge what have I learnt so far?  Well one of the things is that weekends are definitely easier to write the blog.  On the weekdays time spent in front of the computer for work means I'm not as motivated to sit behind a computer and blog.  

11 January 2011

In the Onsen

So I woke up morning nice and early on the morning of the Friday 11th and went to have my bath.  The bath/showers turned out to be an Onsen.  Onsens are Japanese hot spring public communal baths.  The water is heated and is treated with minerals.    These minerals are supposed to be give both skin and health benefits.   It is mandatory to be completely naked in the baths.  Public displays of my own nudity don’t sit right with me.  1) I don’t see the need to ever be naked in public. 2) People that are comfortable being clothless invariably want to engage in conversation with you.  You may want to call me a prude but I don’t think there is ever a time in public where you should be naked and talking chit chat.   3) Being a foreigner in Japan of the black persuasion I know that all eyes are gonna be on me.  I say naked but you are allowed to take with you a flannel that barely covers one side of your body so you are left with the choice of having your butt exposed or your jewels exposed.  The early rise was planned to avoid such awkwardness.  So I entered the Onsen and…. not a soul was around.  Excellent!  So I followed the Onsen routine.  First thing you do is have a shower, you can’t enter an  Onsen dirty, so you need to take a  shower.  Then I went into the mineral filled hot water, chilled for 5 minutes, then hopped back out and finished off with another shower.  Process was seamless and painless.  I was ready to start the day!

The 62rd Sapporo Snow Festival!

The annual Sapporo Snow Festival is a week-long event held on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.  I believe I had mentioned in previous blog updates that I wasn't too keen on leaving Fukuoka.  I had become comfortable with life there and coupled with the ridiculously expensive flight to Hokkaido it did cross my mind if I had made the right decision.   However when I arrived in Hokkaido, seeing how hauntingly beautiful Sapporo was at night I knew I had made the right choice.   The Sapporo festival was split across three sites.  Susukino, Odori Park and Tsudome.  Since Susukino was spitting distance from my hotel I thought I would check that out first.

The Ice sculptures part of the festival was based in Susukino.  I nicknamed this area ice town!  I was stunned by the quality and details of the ice sculptures.  These included owls, goldfish, dragons and castles.  They even had pokemon and one of my personal favourites,  a  Gundam sculpture, with eyes that lit up sugoiiiii!!! These sculptures were actually awesome!

  I found a little time to record a little snippet of my time with the ice sculptures.

Japanese Word of the day - yawarakai -soft

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