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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Only D Brave - Back to Fukuoka

Only D Brave back in the house and on Day 2 of the 500 word challenge.

So the blog is going to follow the format of
1st part -blogging the present
2nd part - blogging the Japan adventure

Currently Happening

Only D Brave now

At the moment I am currently recovering from a football injury.   A day before Good Friday I decided to play a bit of football partly because I wanted to but mainly to help out a mate with a birthday surprise for his girlfriend.  It turned out to be a bad day.  I arrived at football 15-20 mins late, I brought the wrong trainers and I was having a shocker of a game.  I was getting bundled and barged off the ball left right and centre.  It also seemed I left my shooting boots at home.   When I finally had a chance, the  golden chance to score disaster struck.  I felt a sharp pain to the back of my ankle, heard a loud pop and I fell to the ground.  I turned to see my attacker and… saw no one.  It was a self-inflicted injury.  An injury that has meant I haven’t seen my work office in 2.5 months.  I’m working at home at the moment but still need crutches for walking journeys longer than 5 minutes.

8th January 2011 

Back to Fukuoka. 
So after Osaka new Years celebrations I headed back to my Japan base- Fukuoka.

After 2 months in Japan I think I had settled into Nippon life.  Coming from a multicultural city like London UK, seeing different races was an everyday occurrence.  In Japan however in my daily commute through life I would say 95% of the faces I encountered were oriental. When i first arrived I was conscious of this fact and felt like I was still in holiday mode. However now I would say it was the norm, it was no longer a novelty to me.

As well as the disappearing of holiday mode, I was getting more connecting with more and more people.  It felt like I was back in nursery or primary school.  Could start talking to somebody randomly in the morning and by midday they are inviting you into their home for lunch and by evening you are sipping chu hi and talking like old time friends.  It may have been Japan, it may have been the city, I may have just been lucky but it seemed it was easy to connect with people, people of all nationalities and races.

As well as meeting and making new friends and connections, I was discovering that my new found friends also knew each other.  Fukuoka is one of those small big cities.  Big enough not to need a drastic adaptation from London life but small enough to have a big friends network

My days had settled into a routine that worked well for me.  Morning was me jumping out of bed turning my laptop on, then jumping back into bed and doing my UK IT work.  Normally finishing work mid-afternoon, I would spend afternoon and early evening exploring a new part of the city, maybe catching an event or too and enjoying fine Fukuoka dining.  Evening would then be used to skype the peeps back home and on the weekend hot step the night away!

Sent From UK
I did say I had settled in Japan life but there were still some home comforts I missed.. Some of those home comforts were reintroduced to me by Tabasco Tasha who sent me my first care package. It contained the snacks that wont help me in later life with diabetes but it satisfied my UK sugar rush Yum Yum.

Japanese Word of the day - tsukue - desk

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