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Friday, 4 July 2014

Only D Brave multiplied by 2! Chapter 2

Only D Brave is back with the second of the Double headers .  Its Day 4 on the 500 word challenge leggo

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I am currently in an eccentric and partying mood.  However with my injury I can’t shake a leg … or can I…? In a FB group I was challenged to do the candy dance with crutches.  Well  someone imagined me doing the Electric slide ( to give it its proper title) in crutches and I in true Only D Brave fashion accepted it as a challenge.  So here it is, Only D Brave, doing the candy dance.. in crutches .  I can be such a crazy sometimes.

10th February 2011

Time to leave!
Woke up quite early and finished off packing and tidying.  Still couldn't believe I was leaving this fair city, just as the weather was getting warmer, spring was approaching and I had got into a nice daily routine.  It was tempting to stay  oh yes it was! However I reminded myself that there was more of Japan to see and the Only D brave roadshow must go on!  When I arrived in Japan  my main luggage weighed 29 KG which was fine for being just under the 32KG Emirates limit but I was unsure if it would be ok for the flight to my next destination Hokkaido.  Just to note travel in Japan is even more expensive in the UK if you don't book in advance.  My flight to Hokkaido cost over £300 and that was only one way!! Train costs around the same and even booking in advance is still pricey.   

Said my goodbyes to the staff at my accommodation who, in Japanese, said that whenever I'm in Fukuoka to please come back and stay in their rooms, which I most definitely will.  They have been like an adoptive family to me.  Even though I have limited Japanese and they limited English, we have been able to converse and developed a nice bond with them. 

After the goodbyes I made my way to the airport.  Thought I would save some cash by first taking the bus to Hakata station and then the subway to the airport  but it turned out it would have been cheaper and quicker if I just used the subway in Tenjin (where I was staying) . 
Got to the airport two hours early and went to check in. Had to put suitcase through an X-ray machine which highlighted I had 2 lighters ( in fact I had 3 - presents from the owner of Fasika restaurant ) I didn't not know but apparently you can only take one lighter as hand luggage and none in your checked in luggage.  I swear it’s the other way round in the UK.  Alas I had to say bye bye to two lighters.  With the iPad I had saved my flight itinerary details as well as directions to my hotel, train times which negated the need for me to print out paper. The iPad is a gift I never asked for but boy is it handy! 

Japan is known for efficiency but i was amazed by the length of time from when check in closed and the flight took off.  In the UK maximum time is 1 hour before flight is scheduled to take off.  In Japan it was 15 mins for internal flights... yes 15!!!  I had arrived in plenty of time but it’s nice to know that it is possible to pull a last check- in.

So long my friend..

As I was boarding the plane i looked back and said a final au revoir!  I know it seems like I'm going on about it but I really had a fantastic time in Fukuoka and I will miss la Fukuokians la familia.  Special shout outs and thanks to all who got me presents and i'm already plotting my next trip back there.  Flight was pretty standard.  Nothing special to not other than it was quite packed.  I guess a lot of people were going to the Snow Festival as well.

Japanese Word of the day - Kumotta - Cloudy

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