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Friday, 4 July 2014

Only D Brave multiplied by 2! Chapter 1

Quick Mention
As I mentioned in the last blog, this blog is going to split into two sections.

The first part is what is currently happening with me now.  I know the blog was initially suppose to
chronicle my time in Japan when i was in Japan, however I had so many amazing experiences that I believe i may have missed out on spending time writing the blog... oh and I was a bit lazy too.

The second part will take place when i was in Japan.  It may be written in the style of how I would have written it at the time without the benefit of hindsight.  You may be asking How can I remember my Journey through Japan?  So much had happened and it was quite a while ago??  I must confess that is a possibility, however I don’t mean to brag but I do  have got quite a good memory.  Most of the events on my trip were pretty memorable and I have the added bonus of pictures, over 1500 which can always spark memories.

Currently Happening
Since yesterday it was my good wife's birthday I didn’t really have much time to do complete the 500 word challenge. So today is gonna be a blog double header!  I must admit I haven’t hit that blogging zone yet,  bloggers will know what I mean, when your mind thoughts gush onto the interweb in glorious psychedelic Technicolor. Its ok though I know it will soon come, it always does.

End of January 2011
At present I am living my last few days in Fukuoka (for some time at least).  I have to admit I will be sad to see the back of the place.  I have such fond memories of this city.  From excellent excursions, amazing adventures,  perfect people, virtual insanity stunning views and tales of the unexpected this big small city has given me all.

However I have already overstayed my tenure in this fair city.  Originally I was supposed to leave mid-December for a ski job in Nagano.  Un fortunately that fell through so I decided to stay in Fukuoka for a lot longer than anticipated.  That has worked out fine for me so far and my life in Fukuoka has become quite comfortable. Spring is approaching, days are getting warmer, I have a good base of friends and am a lot more familiar with the Japanese routine and way of life.

 I been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to explore Japan and now I must depart to pastures new.  Fukuoka is great but I need to check out the rest of Nippon.  Where shall I go? is the million dollar question.   The simple answer is to the top, that top being northbound to the Japanese island of Hokkaido!  Should be quite interesting there especially since I have no formal winter clothes and I should be hitting there slap bang of the Hokkaido snow festival!

Japanese Word of the day - fun - minute

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