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Sunday, 14 July 2013


Only D Brave returns!!

After a disturbing long hiatus I'm resurrecting this blog!  Started of with such good intentions but I got waylaid by distractions, temptations and procrastination. Although I don't think I'm in the zone to blog, I have time, let me do this.

For Trayvon

Present day

Summer has finally arrived in the UK!  Its been a loooooong time coming!  There was a hot patch last year during the Olympics but it didnt last that long.  Personally I think the same weather rockets used in the Beijing Olympics were used for the 2012 Olympics but thats for another type of blog.  Back to the present, it was a gorgeous day today, it hit 31 degrees (87 Fahrenheit) in London town. *puts on stunners*

Due to financial restrictions my travelling has been reduced greatly in 2013.  It gives me a chance to try and reconnect with my UK La familia and to explore the secrets of London town,  Don't worry normal service will be resumed in 2014!

Lastly if you are a long time reader or you are new to this page and like what you reading please check out 2 new blogs  i've followed this year and  -Two excellent reads.  Actually even if you don't like what you are reading check em out!

So where did we leave off?

Ok the last blog was a reload of the Movember in Japan blog which took place end of November 2010.  Now let me recap what happened at the start of November

Karatsu Kunchi 2010

Right at the start of November I attended my first festival of my Only D Brave JP adventure - Karatsu Kunchi! Karatsu is a coastal city in the Saga prefecture and they have had a festival of the Karatsu shrine for the last 400 years.  2010 was my year to witness the festivities!  My friend from my first visit to Japan shores (Rie) and her workmate were my guides!

After an hour and a half ride from Hakata station I arrived in Karatsu.  Smaller than Fukuoka and a lot more suburban,  I was excited to see a different side of Japan from my previous visits.  We walked along the beach catching jokes and me going trigger happy with my camera.  Course I had to do my mandatory travel poses too!

After the beach we headed into town to check out the stalls and activities.  When it comes to travelling I'm happy to go anywhere I'm invited however when it comes to food I'm very particular.  I don't eat anything that swims in the sea, that's right no fish, no squid, no whales, no dog, no humans. Trying to convince me to try some seafood will not work even with the immortal lines "it doesn't taste fishy"  So being a coastal town you imagine that most of the ware was from the sea.  I politely declined all the offers of free seafood and past them on to my hosts.

In the evening was when the real excitement took place!  The streets were lined with eager spectators ( me included ) waiting for the procession of giant floats.  We wasn't disappointed!  We were treated to 14 magnificent floats of splendour accompanied with drumming and chanting. Spectators and participants alike were buzzing with all the energy in the atmosphere.  Even though I didn't understand the meaning of chants at the time, I still had a whale of a time (I did not eat the whale of a time ... no seafood)

Japanese word of the day - massugi- straight ahead