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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Only D Brave Reloaded -One Mo day


Its the 2nd to last day of Movember 2012 and although i havent shaved my moustache since the beginning of the month, i havent shaved my beard either!  I may shave the beard off just to make my movember tache more realistic.  So what has happened since my last update.  Well I've hit Korea (gangnam style) and  Japan for a stag and surprise, had long overdue meetups with new and old friends plus increased my kit-kat and Japanese food stash!

Anyway please read my reloaded version of Movemeber 2010 in Japan

Quick Update,

Last day of Movember so putting a quick update!  Its getting trickier to update consistently now since a) i'm doing a lot more things b) i'm getting lazy!  Anyway here is my latest Movember pic, cant wait to cut it off tho, face fuzz is too bushy!!

New HQ

New accomodation
I've moved into new accommodation temporarily.  This is due to the fact that my old place was fully booked when it came to extend!  The new place is an actual hotel room.  It looks a lot more swisher than the old place and someone cleans the room every day! I even get my very  own pjs 

Sporting Hotel PJ

However it is smaller and doesnt have a kitchen so only take away for me for the next couple of days which is not too good on the wallet :(  Also apologies about going on about the toilet but the new one is missing the the bidet buttons and there is no cool recycle water tap at the top ! 

Exploring the surroundings

New surroundings meant more exploration!  To be fair it was only a 15 min walk from the old digs to the new digs but it opened up a part of Tenjin that I hadnt had the chance to view.  Therefore armed with my trusty camera I explored and took pictures of what i love -namely new things and myself!

Internet Palace 

Japan is known for being technological advanced and when it comes to internet cafes its no different. My vision of England is a former newsagent converted into a room with computers.  Manly frequented by foreigners, the internet cafe is decor is nothing to write home about  and additional services include printing scanning and maybe a cup of coffee.  Now let me introduce you the internet cafe a la  japan style!

Mainly Japanese people use them, smoking and no smoking computers, all equipped with webcam, headphones and lamps.  Free drinks available from vending machine, extensive comic, music and DVD library, internet rooms with sofas, private rooms for couples, business and for multiple people, PS2 and games avaliable to play, shower and sauna(apparently)opened 24 hours and looks like what a internet cafe should look like

   .  You can even order food from local restaurants and cafes such as subway, yoshinowa within food outlet opening hours(a new addition since the last time I went).  It is the ultimate internet experience and I would wonder how it would fare if the UK was to adopt a similar blueprint.

Japanese word of the day - Sukareta -Tired