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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Only D Brave Reloaded - Settling in Japan!

Welcome to another entry of Only D Brave

Current Situation

Happy Birthday to me, Mr Only D Brave - ODB!!
In the evening of my birthday here I am writing another excerpt of my life in and out of Japan. I just celebrated my birthday last weekend!  It was a good affair, I enjoyed myself, (I hope everybody else did) and I was surrounded by good peoples!  It got me thinking about my last birthday.  It was in a different year, in a different city, a different time zone, a different look but the one thing that remained the same was a great bunch of people with me (and Kazuki was at both) .  Check the pictures below of my Japan and UK birthdays



One Mo time!
Its now November to be more precise it is Movember!  Movember is a big thing in the UK but is a bit of a unknown entity in Japan!  I think a reason may be that Japanese are not that known to growing facial hair.  For all that don't know Movember is a month-long awareness- and fundraising event, targeting men's health in general.  I've decided to do my bit and grow my tash! 

Japan Ways 

Crossing the road in Japan is a fascinating social  observation!  I am deadly serious -well from a British perspective.  Firstly a jaunty tune plays at traffic lights whenever it is fine to cross.  I know there are a number of tunes that can play (no singing just instrumental)  but I am yet to find out if its just random or if its for a particular time of day or day of the week etc.  Secondly    Japanese people have no problems crossing at the middle of a road if the road is empty.  However when at a pedestrian crossing the rules change.  If the red man is showing people will not cross.  Even if there is nothing but clear daylight on the roads the majority of Japanese will not budge.  Actually it can be 2am in the morning, only thing is on the streets is naughty intentions and they will still wait until the green man appears.
Green man

Red Man

"Who would a house like this,? D its over to you.."

A couple of people have queried about my apartment so I thought I will give information on my humble abode.
Ok this is the view when opening the front door.  The apartment has a Tatami floor therefore i have to wear take my trainers off and wear special shoes inside the apartment.  If you look to the left there is my kitchen

As you can see its very very small!  Only the one hub, but the apartment is fully furnished and comes with cutlery, pots and pans.

Opposite the Kitchen is the bathroom.  Again small and compact but has every thing you need in a bathroom plus athe kick ass toilet!

As you can see there are a number of buttons on the side.   You can control the seat temperature when you are upon the throne, there is a bidet and bum shower button (not to sure of the difference) that shoots out warm water(no homo) to clean your backside once you have finished dropping your business.  Also I think there is a pressure sensor on the seat which will cut the spray once you have abdicated the throne!  Bathroom came with shampoo shower gel and bog roll too!

Now you come inside the main room which is the bedroom/study room and dining room.

As you can the room comes equipped with a decent size bed,TV,fridge with freezer, Microwave, toaster above the microwave, study table chest of drawers, wardrobe, foldable chair.

And just further on is my balcony and the view from it

 I think this is a pretty sweet apartment, Just under £700 but comes fully furnished and includes all utilities and Wired internet.

Ok thanks again for stopping by, please comment, make suggestions and I hope you enjoy!  Peace

Japanese word of the day - Mimi -Ears