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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Only D Brave Reloaded - I'm a celebrity in Fukuoka town

Hello people, another reloaded instance of my adventures in Japan!

Let me start off with whats happening now.  London Olympics 2012 has just finished.  I've always been a fan of the Olympics, I guess it was my first major sport event that I could remember from the days of my youth and although quite a bit of the population seemed anti pathetic leading up to the games, that mood swiftly changed especially with the Olympic torch relay.  It seemed to have a unifying effect to the nation which even the most hardened of hearts would have difficulty succumbing to.

Before I recap on my TV debut in Japan, there is a video that features two people playing Slenderman, one of the participants I met over in Nippon.  I found it absolutely hilarious, hope you do to!

On TV in Japan

As I'm getting use to the climate, people and language of Japan, I encounter the first few minutes of  fame!  It was a Fukuoka Sunday afternoon, I had just found a church that performed mass in English and had just left the service.  The congregation was a very metropolitan mix, I would hazard a guess that most spoke English as a second language and the biggest nationality represented were Filipinos.

So on the way back to my apartment I spotted a camera crew with a quirky looking little man with blazer and bow tie.   Now for the last couple of days I had seen quite a few camera crews while walking on the streets of Fukuoka, which had me thinking was this a city full of Japanese celebrities or do they record nearly everything over here.  Anyhoot I looked at the camera crew across the road for a couple of seconds, was about to turn away and then the quirky looking guy beckoned me over.  I did the mandatory  look to the left  <=== o_o, then look to the right o_o==>, and then the point at myself and mouthing the words "me?"  The guy nodded and so I went to cross the road and so did the camera crew.  A bit of im gonna cross, no you are gonna cross, no im gonna  cross followed until eventually the camera crew came over to my side.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, quirky guy and the camera crew were filming for Mentai Wide, a lighthearted local interest television program for the Fukuoka prefecture.  In English quirky guy asked me if I could answer a couple of his questions.  I said sure but when the cameras started rolling he spoke in pure Japanese!  Now in the below clip it may seem like I understood the question he asked me, but I can assure you the basic Japanese i had learnt beforehand helped me not one bit.  They would have to stop the camera and then either ask the question using different Japanese words or just ask me in English, thank goodness for TV editing!


Patrick also posted the photo on his facebook, which was seen by one of his Fukuoka friends Tiffani (who also turned out to be one of my closest friends I met in Japan).  A couple of days later while walking with Hiwot ( yet another close friend I met in Japan, its like im collecting them) I bumped into Tiffani who recognised me..... from Patrick's wall!  My final piece of celebrity moment came at my apartment!  The actual owners of the apartments had also seen my TV début and recorded it!  Not only that, they offered me  a copy of the recording on VHS!