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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Only D Brave Reloaded - Living La Vida Fukuoka

Living La Vida Fukuoka

Hello and welcome to another excerpt from my adventure out in Japan!  Let me start off with a few announcements. At the moment im rocking a bearded look for the Olympics.  So far I have been referred as Rick Ross, Issac Hayes and an anorexic Kimbo Slice.
There is also a Only D fan page which will include blog and twitter updates plus exclusive content including  the tons of pictures that don’t make it to the blog.

Life in Fukuoka
I’m currently residing in what is referred to over here as a weekly mansion.  A picture of my apartment block is shown below( the one with the green sign on top).
This type of accommodation is perfect for short to medium type stays.   They are usually cheaper than hotels and are like mini-apartments.  You get your own bed, kitchen(very compact) bathroom (with toilet with heated seat and bidet and bottom cleaner function) As well as this utilities plus internet are included and it comes equipped with tv, fridge+freezer, microwave, toaster , cutlery and pots and pans.  You can hire it for on a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual rate.  The two receptionist ladies are one of the sweetest and most polite people I have met in  Japan, super enthusiastic, helpful and always have a smile and a greeting for me when they see me.  Also the night porter that I encountered on my first night in Fukuoka is a friendly chap.  When I saw him again two evenings later he apologised for the mixup on the night of my arrival.

My apartment is in a prime location.  I reside in Tenjin and its a 5 min walk to the subway station, 10 minutes to the bus terminal train station and 2 parks and a 15 minute stroll to the hub where the major retail shop restaurants and clubs are.  


By the way can you guess what the train station is called… Fukuoka station???!!!  That I will not understand about Japan, calling two stations by the same name!!!  

During my time in Japan I will have to go back to that first Fukuoka train station and spend some time there.  I feel obligated since now I have a connection with it, a bond  borne out of stress confusion and unnecessary travelling!

Halloween in Japan is a bigggg deal!  Young and old (Japanese people) go all out in Halloween in Fukuoka.  As well as shops going majorly overboard with the decorations and outfits, they also hold a Halloween parade which occurred on the Sunday (31st Oct) this year.  Nearly every person I met since arriving in Fukuoka talked in some way or form about Halloween and what costume they were looking or had bought.

Since all the talk of dressing up, I decided to join in the tradition and go for a budget outfit for two reasons.  One I wasn’t prepared to spend money on a expensive outfit that I would only wear annually and secondly I needed something simple that I could throw away, or wouldn’t mind losing or throwing it away.  After looking at a couple of possible outfits in the stores I found myself in the 100 yen store.  Which is just like the £1 shop but of course cheaper.  Looked at their set Halloween costumes - nothing special at all.  Then I stumbled upon a epiphany .   I knew what I wanted to go as.  Purchased some skull wooden pegs, a skull wristband , some skull sticker tattoos, a Christmas hat all for 400 yen (3 English pounds).   All I needed was a mask to complete the outfit.  Went to the Loft (department store) to purchase a scary mask, however as you can imagine sat evening , store was packed with fellow last minute Halloween shoppers and a lot of the best masks had gone.  When I thought all hope had gone, I looked up at one of the displays. There was a red goblin mask on a dummy head.  I looked closer and saw that there was a price tag still on it.  Checked through my ethical databanks to see if it would be ok to take this from the dummy head, the search came back a resounding yes and there I had the final piece to my outfit!
Happy with my purchases I went home to nap before the events of the evening.  Woke up after a couple of hours took a showers and put on my Halloween outfit complete with red Russian coca cola shirt!  If you are still unaware, my outfit was Bad Santa!  I thought it was very clever but learnt that night that not many people had seen the film so I had a lot of Grinch guesses from people!

I hit Cream first, bar owned by Jay and My.  Free entry and very warm place with great decorations and friendly people.  Got into a not a dance battle more like a dance rivalry (Japanese people Philly) This time it was evenly matched possibly I was just edged out by one of the guys but it was good times.  Tried to get into Fubar owned by Jody but it was jammed packed.  The club was on the fourth floor but there were queues all the way to the ground floor so I put that on standby and went to Club X instead.  There I witnessed a sight that shook me to my very core.  I know this may sound controversial , racist and un- PC but damn it im gonna say it anyway.  I saw with my very two eyes a black American girl who…. Had no rhythm!! Now usually I’m not a dancing snob but I have always held the now misguided notion that all black American  girls could dance.  Maybe I had been watching too many rnb and rap music videos!  Halloween in Japan has opened my eyes to this and I will not make this mistake ever again!  After seeing this I went back to fubar where it was slightly less packed.  From then I spent my night rotating between three spots Cream, Club X and Fubar.   Costumes encountered on the night ranged from Superman, Gundamn, Vegeta, schoolgirl, wonder woman, witches, incredible, samurai, nurses, Sarah Palin and Obama!  Btw i dont think there is any pictures of my costume because I lost that damn mask halfway through the night.  In a club dancing and wearing a mask doesn't work, next year i will stick to face paints!

Ok thanks again for stopping by, please comment, make suggestions and I hope you enjoy!  Peace!!!

Japanese word of the day - Donata -Who?