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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Earthquake - A year on

This time last year I had experienced one of the biggest and unexpected events in my entire life - the great
Tōhoku earthquake. Sitting in my South London abode reflecting upon this day has my mind alight with musings, questions and postulations of what occurred on 11th March 2011 and the fall out.  The earthquake lasted for a short amount of time compared to the amount of minutes in a day, but it felt like a lifetime.  Words still cant fully describe how I feel about this experience and I don't think it ever will.  I'm not a wreck or a broken man but whenever I feel vibrations, could be from a train passing by, or a spinning washing machine, for a split second fear will strike in my heart. I believe this feeling will stay with me till the ends of days.  Once again I am thankful for all those who were concerned about my safety and well-being throughout this period. I understand it wasn't the easiest watching the tales, pictures and videos that was coming out at the time.

Earthquake revisited

I have written couple of entries already regarding the earthquake Earthquake entry 1  Earthquake entry 2 Earthquake entry 3 so this is a continuation of where I left off.

Day 2 Night!
So after successfully fashioning a MacGyver style hub earlier on,  we now had the means to cook a meal in the evening. So under torchlight we cooked a cheese and mushroom omlette!  Below is a clip of the cooking

It was quite a tasty meal considering the circumstances.  After dinner we invited the landlord and his wife over for a cup of tea.  Just before they were about to leave I noticed a sensor light on in the hallway.  Could electricity have returned to the house.  I jumped up and tried the light switch and... then there was light!  A great relief spread around the room.  All of us rushed to our communication electrical appliances, our phones and laptops, plugged them in and got connected to the outside world!

Our elation of having electrcity and power shortly evaporated when we found out the true extent of the earthquake.  I had heard rumours about the tsunami from text messages the day before but had no real confirmation. Now I was able to see the devastation caused to the cities by the coast.  It was horrible and scary.  However there was even worse and more frightening dangerous news.  Now I was reading about the damage caused to the nuclear plants by the earthquake. the danger was not over, now I had a radiation problem to deal with.  The earthquake you can feel it, the tsunami you can see it but radiation contamination was an invisible danger.  One of the housemates details had been passed onto french tv and shortly after they had a skype interviewed for French TV.  The TV interview was a brief distraction but it still didnt put to ease my troubled mind.  I went to bed that evening with one thought. The nightmare was far from over. 

Japanese word of the day - Okaasan - mother